The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Vape for You

Vape pen and weed in a jar
Source: Boston Magazine

Vaporizers have recently become popular as a safer alternative to smoking. Medical patients use these as medical devices to take their daily dose of CBD consumption to get instant relief from their symptoms. Vaporization involves heating the CBD flower or vape oil to a temperature that is lower than combustion to produce vapor which is inhaled through the lungs to absorb the beneficial components. When you are looking for something new to smoke, a fronto leaf may be just what you need. A wide variety of vaporizers are available in the market, ranging from basic ones that run on the battery to modern devices with options for temperature setting and others. Let us discuss some popular types of vaporizers and learn about the features of each.

Desktop Vaporizer

The classic version of a vaporizer, desktop units are designed to be heavy and cannot be carried with you. They are instead used at home and come with precise temperature settings to allow you to customize the experience. These devices often come with big bags that collect a large amount of vapor that you can easily share among friends. This feature makes it ideal for parties and gatherings. Though these devices are expensive as compared to others, they deliver a really high-quality vaping experience with optimum control over the process.

Portable Vaporizer

The type of CBD vape devices that we are generally used to, portable vaporizers are smaller in size and easy to carry around. These compact units are ideal for those who want to experience vaping on the go. They are designed to be simple to use and are powered by rechargeable batteries. The most popular type of portable vaporizer is a pen-style which has recently gained popularity due to the ‘cigarette-like’ design. Vape pens are great for enjoying concentrates, vape juices and other e-liquids. These devices are more discreet and as compared to the bigger versions. You can also find portable vaporizers designed to be used with concentrates and dried flower. They also come with a variety of accessories to make your experience more convenient.

Disposable Vaporizers

Making their way to the legal markets after the wave of legalization are the disposable versions that deliver a highly enjoyable experience without any hassle of filling the matter. These vape pens are popular because they don’t need to be refilled. You simply choose the vape that contains your favorite strain and get started. It has only one setting so that you can take a draw from the mouthpiece right away. These devices are small and can be carried discreetly in a purse or pocket.

How Do Vaporizers Work?

Vaporization has recently become the preferred option for CBD consumption due to the health concerns associated with smoking. Vaporizers offer a health-conscious solution by reducing the amount of chemicals, toxins and carcinogens that enter into the lungs. Apart from this, they are highly efficient and let you make the most out of your herb. Portable vaporizers work by heating the material using the process of convection which produces vapor. Since no combustion takes place, no carcinogens are produced and there is minimal risk to your health. In this guide, we have tried to introduce you to the world of vaping to help you try newer methods of CBD consumption.