vaporite twins vaporizer

Vaporite Twins Weed Vaporizer

The Vaporite Twins Dual Weed Vaporizer is an exceptional unit. This High quality glossy wood beauty features a huge digital temp display and dial knob for temperature regulation. And of course the Vaporite Twins Dual Vaporizer can be used by not one but two people at the same time so you buddies are never left out, now that is a Vaporizing revolution in its self! This incredible Vaporizer is loaded up with a quality ceramic heating element with a superior quick heat up time. Designed for people with friends it also comes with an aromatherapy bulb for heating those essential oils you know and love.

Also includes a two free cleaning sticks and a FREE pack or replacement screens, this set up cant be beat.

The Vaporite Twins Dual Vaporizer includes:

  • 1 Vaporite Twins Vaporizer Dual
  • 2 Vaporite Vapor Whips
  • 2 Cleaning Sticks FREE
  • 1 Power Cord Included
  • 1 Aroma Bulb FREE
  • 1 Pack of Replacement Screens absolutely FREE
  • 1 Warranty Card that you must register within 7 days of purchase to be covered by the Six Month Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty that does not cover accessories or other removable parts such as glass parts or the included Power cable.


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