VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer

VaporFection Stealth II Vaporizer

The VaporFection Stealth II is a sleak, great new easy to use digital vaporizer.  Contrary to other vaporizers the VaporFection Vaporizer uses a glass on glass heating element which improves heating time as well as the flavor of your herbal belnds.  Another feature from the VaporFection Stealth II is that it has temperature setting memory.  Once you do the initial setup you can turn the unit off and upon re-starting,  the unit goes right back to your preffered settings.  The chassis design is made from high quality aluminum alloy,  and the VaporFection Stealth Vaporizer comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Vaporfection Stealth II Vaporizer Features:

1.  All Glass heating element is better than quartz or ceramic this vaporizer uses glass on glass technology and provides a pure, rich tasty aroma vapor.

2.  Exclusive “Set and Forget” Feature means no need to push any buttons! It will always return to your preferred setting when restarted.

3.  Automatic shut off and cool down sensor.

4.  Glowing EMERALD GREEN Vapor Chamber.

5.  Vaporsense Digital Temperature Control indicator guarantees no guesswork and simplicity of use and our exclusive air-flow technology measures air temperature/movement and adjusts heating temperature to compensate for differences in air flow. (Stealth II Only)

6.  Sleek design chassis made from high grade aluminum alloy

7.  Three year limited Manufacturers warranty on all parts and labor.

8.  Unique design Vaporfection laboratory grade thickest borosilicate glass flow whip with heavy glass mouth piece, with medical grade tubing.

9.  Dual lead free vapor cooling fans to provide better efficiency and super quiet operation.



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