Vapor King - Bliss

Vapor King Bliss VK-015

This whip style  hand-held vaporizer from  Vapor King Vaporizer allows you to vaporize without holding the hose in place.  This vaporizer made from birch and alder wood is very easy to use and comes with a temperature gage which makes for very easy adjustment resulting in efficiency.  The Vapor King vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating element which is far superior to the traditional “soldering element” used in cheaper models.  This  Vapor King vaporizer is available in black, blue, grey, green or silver.


  • Vapor King/Bliss Vaporizer
  • Glass Wand
  • Food Grade Vinyl Hose
  • All Glass Mouthpiece
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Power Cord
  • Users Guide

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