VapeXhale Cloud

The Cloud vaporizer is a new vaporizer by VapExhale. The company is American based, specifically in California and has promised to change the vaporizer industry with the Cloud.

The Cloud was first announced by VapeXhale back in Feb of 2010. At the time of this writing (Oct 2011) the Cloud is still not available for purchase.

If you do a search on Google or YouTube for the Cloud Vaporizer you will see some pretty cool pics and vids of the Cloud in action. The Cloud appears to require a glass bubbler or water pipe to cool the vapor and provide an extra layer of filtration.

The glass bubblers are very cool looking and the vapor delivered by this unit appears to be thick, clean and abundant.

You can read a Cloud Vaporizer review and learn more about VapeXhale and the Cloud vaporizer.


  1. Mike says:

    This thing looks pretty cool, I checked out some videos and it really kicks out some vapor. When will this be available, I cant wait to buy it.

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