Eclipse Vape H2O Vaporizer

Eclipse Vape H2O Portable Vaporizer

The Eclipse Vape H20 Portable Vaporizer can be directly attached to a regular water pipe, and it will work with essential oils as well as Herbs or Blended Concentrates. Quickly change from plant matter to essential oils in seconds with the detachable all glass Pyrex one dram vial and never worry about cross contamination of [...]

Eclipse Vape 2O GG Vaporizer

Eclipse Vape 2O portable vaporizer

The Eclipse 2O is a portable, aluminum vaporizer that uses a butane lighter as a heating source.  This USA made vaporizer is capable for use with herbs as well as oils.  The Eclipse 2O is similar in design to the H2O.  This one-piece design comes with glass attachments compatible with other water pipes and includes [...]

Essential VAAAPP Vaporizer

Essential VAAAPP Vaporizer

The Essential VAAAPP EV 101 portable vaporizer is one of the simplest easy to use vaporizers for weed money can buy. The Essential VAAAPP can be used with oils as well as herbs. The one dram all Glass Pyrex Vial is detachable which makes it quick and easy to load so you can go from [...]

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