Vaporite Elevation Digital Vaporizer

vaporite Element Digital Vaporizer

The Vaporite Element Digital Vaporizer features a rotary style temp control, ceramic heating element, fully digital display and beautiful box style design. The Vaporite Element is a professional grade unit at an affordable price. This Vaporizer heats up quickly and is easy to use with the included vapor whip. Cleaning the Vaporite Element is a snap with the included [...]

Vapor King Bliss VK-015

Vapor King - Bliss

This whip style  hand-held vaporizer from  Vapor King Vaporizer allows you to vaporize without holding the hose in place.  This vaporizer made from birch and alder wood is very easy to use and comes with a temperature gage which makes for very easy adjustment resulting in efficiency.  The Vapor King vaporizer comes with a ceramic heating element which is [...]

E.Z.V Digi Vape

EZV Digital Vaporizer

EZV Digital Vaporizer comes in three stylish premium finishes to choose from. This great Looking Vaporizer for Weed is the 2011 edition with an advanced LED screen the reads the exact actual temperature and the set temperature at the same time. The 2011 EZV Digital Vaporizer has an improved ceramic heating element with improved over [...]

Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer

natural goods digital vaporizer

The Natural Goods Digital Vaporizer in a Hands Free Vaporizer is features a dual core, extra thick 22mm Ground Glass Whip that remains cool even with extensive use, the first of its kind. The natural Goods Vaporizer displays the heat of the whip. The Passive air system on this unit utilizes a medium fan aiding in the [...]

Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer

Easy Vape Hands Free Vaporizer

The Easy Vape Digital Hands Free Vaporizer is a Digital Box-Style Vaporizer with  digital temperature controller. With this feature the user controls the temperature with in two degrees Celsius and with the illuminated LCD display you’ll know your temperature is set right where you want it. The polycarbonate housing of the Easy Vape Hands Free Vaporizer is [...]

Vapor King Bliss VK-012

Vapor King - Bliss

The hands free Vapor King Vaporizer is a great unit for a first time user.  The Vapor King vaporizer for weed is very easy to use and with the ceramic heating element ensures quick heating time for those on a short lunch break.  This vaporizer is made out of birch and alder and comes with 3 year warranty for the heating element.  The [...]

Vapor King Bliss VK-011

Vapor King - Bliss

The hands free Vapor King Vaporizer is a finely crafted vaporizer made out of fine birch and solid alder wood.  Unlike cheaper less quality units that are built with “soldering iron”  this vaporizer for weed comes with a ceramic heating element that ensures quick heating time and no harmful toxins.  The user has complete control over the [...]

VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer

vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer

VaporBrothers Hands Free Vaporizer is a very popular box style Vaporizer and continues to be a best seller. Featuring the same 100% Natural Mineral Ceramic heating element found in the VaporBrother Standard edition containing no glues or metallics directly in contact with the bowl you know your vapor will be toxin-free and flavorful. This is a Rapid [...]

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