herbal aire H2.1 Vaporizer

Herbal Aire H2.1 Vaporizer

The Herbal Aire Vaporizer H2.1 Vaporizer is your affordable alternative to over priced units. This Scientific Grade top rated Vaporizer is manufactured in Canada and provides tri functionality allowing for direct inhale, balloon bag fill, or hands free use.  The innovative design on the Aire Vaporizer H2.1 features 18 jets of precisely heated air, permeate only when you inhale or when pumping up the bag kit, so there is no waste of your precious herbs! Active ingredients are extracted at the lowest possible temperature ensuring maximum efficiency to the user.

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With the Aire Vaporizer H2.1 you will be extracting four to six times more of the active ingredients than regular smoking devices, this is based on Aire user testimonials. The Unit actually learns which temperatures are optimal for your Vaporizer depending on the climate and environment where the Vaporizer is being used. The Aire H2.1 is manufactured using High Tech durable components including Teflon that produce no smell or taste that would inter fear with you Vaporizing experience. And the Aire H2.1 Vaporizers 2 year warranty will keep you Vaporizing for years to come. This is the perfect vaporizer for weed.

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